The Plan (such as it is)


I’ve talked myself out of doing this blog so many times. It turns out I am very persuasive. This time I thought I would really shake things up by talking myself INTO something for once. So, that brings us here to a brand new blog. Welcome and thanks for dropping by! This is a touch awkward, of course, seeing as you don’t know what you are in for and I don’t know who you are at all. But rest assured, my breath is fresh, my palms are not sweaty (much), and I think conversation will be zippy between us!

Here’s the thing: I have some stories to tell about places I have been. I think I have a lot of them, although I haven’t actually counted…this could be embarrassing when I grind to a halt at #37. Over the last 12 years I have been lucky enough to visit many places around the world. Some strange things have happened, some wonderful food has been set before me,  and some memorable moments have been carried in my heart. I would like to choose three of these destinations every week for one year and write about them. In writing, I mostly hope to remember and reminisce on my own travels and allow you a glimpse of places you hope to visit or maybe places of which you’ve never heard.

Everyone likes a plan, don’t they? Well, I do, so let our tour follow the one below:

  • Where
  • Plate of food
  • The best
  • Story needing to be told
  • Photo

These are things I like to hear about a place, so no doubt you are EXACTLY the same. Obviously. Hopefully the blog posts will appeal to your senses and give you a lovely snapshot of a far-away land to distract you from the snow/rain/excessive heat at your door, the deadline waiting to be met, that new fitness regime that seemed like such a good idea on January 3, the children who clearly do not respect your need to trawl through new blog posts….you get the idea. Let me transport you!

I suppose this is travel without the expensive tickets, the queues, the vaccinations (some of them last-minute, more on that later), and the jetlag. This is letting me remember and you come along for the ride. You seem like you would be a great travel companion, not one who would pinch all of the mini conditioner in the hotel bathroom or hog the armrest on the plane. Let’s go!


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  1. Congrats on joining the blogosphere and officially becoming a blogger! I adore your concept and plan and I will be following along as you take me all around the world through your posts. Brilliant and exciting! So thrilled you are leaping in, sweaty hands and pounding heart be damned-you did it! I am pretty sure you are going to add the blogging adventure to your list of well loved adventures. xo

  2. My first post took me a month to write – mainly because I had to take a blogging course first (read, procrastination tip #1). And then my cursor hovered over the “publish” button for a long, long time. I must have previewed the post ten times before I even got up the courage to let my cursor approach the publish button!
    Good on you and this will be a wonderful blog! Trust me!

  3. Hi Sarah

    You asked me to comment as a Nana…… Well, there is nothing about the grandchildren so it was disappointing! As a reviewer, on the other hand, ………..Your style is fresh, interesting and delightful. Your own voice comes through clearly and you tell a story well. You have a great sense of humour which you transcribe well to the written word. I have long since thought you could make a career from writing and more recently from photography too. How about combining the two? What about the possibility of showing your work to Lonely Planet and offering to write for them. There must surely be many travel magazines that would snap up your work.

    I don’t know much about the skills of blogging but I do know that I like the artwork you chose for the front page. However your writing skills are excellent and the photographs gorgeous. I wonder where this project will take you?

    I hope you have lots of fun.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    As a colleague-mama I am impressed by your initiative! What a smart and usefull idea. Indeed you must’ve been at so many places, it’s absolutely usefull to share your experience with the world. Many people won’t have the chance to visit all of those places or some won’t have the plan to go there. You give the world a chance to be seen by everyone!

    I have to be very honest, I had a short glimps over the blog, but didn’t have enough time to read all of it. But I’m curious now to know what you have to tell about all those places. My first impression is wow, respect!!!

    I will be one of your loyal visitors when I find time for reading it. I’m looking forward to this adventure of you!!!
    Thanks for this wonderfull new refreshing aspect in my life.

    Take care, good luck with this and thanks again,

    love Falke xxx

    • Thank you so much, Falke, for your lovely words of encouragement! It does feel great to be doing this, but it feels even better that people I care about are enjoying it, too. xxx

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