Business Trip


I just wanted to check in with you, my faithful travel companion, to say that I have not abandoned this blog mere weeks after beginning it. In fact, I am in Chile on a very important business trip. No, actually I am in Chile on a very pleasant holiday, but I am doing research. No, it’s not research; it’s actually just drinking very good Chilean wine. There, you forced it out of me! I am drinking my way through a week in Chile! I’m so glad we can be honest with each other.

So far I have this to report about my time here:

  • the red wine is very good
  • the white wine is equally good
  • the currency is crazy because prices are often in the thousands…for a pack of gum. There are just so many zeros on the price tags!
  • the mountain air is fresh and dry which means that my hair is back to being somewhat straight, but my lips are dangerously arid now. I would buy more lip balm, but it costs 2,500 Chilean Pesos.
  • a guy dressed as a clown was trying to earn some money from the lunch crowd at a restaurant, but his ploy was to point a frighteningly realistic toy gun at you and say “Give me money”. No juggling, no magic tricks, no balloon animals, just armed robbery. Wait, that was a TOY gun, wasn’t it? (Yes, Mom and Dad, it was.)

I am well aware of how I have dropped my 3 posts per week schedule and I will catch up when I get back to reality next week. Until then, I have some research to uncork…


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  1. As one of your dedicated followers I am most grateful for the update on your latest research venture! It is reassuring to know how dedicated you are to the cause of collecting “data” for future posts! 😉 Keep up the gruelling work, sweet blogger. xoxo

    • I am so glad that I can inspire a new brand of research…and potentially a drinking problem. Detox has begun now that we are back, though…

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