Get ready for Blog Bonanza!


Hello! How are you/the kids/the dog/the job/the weather? I hope it is all as it should be, but selfishly I hope you also need a wee escape from all that kids/dog/job/weather business. Because I am back, baby! And I have some posts up my sleeve and they will be coming at you at a pace never before seen: perhaps as many as, brace yourself, FOUR this week! I will be fueled solely by imported New Zealand wine and left-over Easter chocolate. I do this for you.

There are a few random items to attend to first:

  1. I managed to smuggle out 2 jars of Marmite from NZ, a nation in disbelief and despair in the midst of the Marmite Crisis. For those who don’t know, the Sanitarium factory in Christchurch that produces Marmite was damaged in an earthquake. Due to aftershocks and subsequent closure of the factory, there are no more Marmite supplies in the ENTIRE country. The shelves are bare. There is a Facebook page offering support to Marmite lovers. People are selling half-eaten slices of toast spread with Marmite on Ebay. It. Is. Bad. I only eat NZ Marmite because it is not as beefy as Bovril, not as sticky as British Marmite, and not as tangy as Vegemite. My ideal vehicle for Marmite is one slice of brown toast with avocado, sliced tomatoes and freshly ground pepper. I very nearly did not find any Marmite to replenish my supplies. My father-in-law found some in an airport duty-free shop and graciously bought me 2 jars.  This was a bigger deal than when I married his son.
  2. I discovered Feijoas. I am not sure how this delightful fruit escaped my palate during all of my time in NZ, but it had. No longer! I ate them fresh off a tree, I ate them with apple in a baked crumble, I drank them as a flavoured lemonade… I love their flavour which is part pear and part lemon, but wholly unique and complex. Gooood!
  3. In the past month, I’ve been on 12 flights, slept in 6 different beds and 3 airline seats, crossed 11 time zones and then crossed back again, and spent quality time in 7 airports in 4 different countries. Who said travel isn’t glamorous?! Oh, the people who do all of that with 2 children…Aw, shucks, who am I kidding? It is exhausting, but I love it and I feel privileged to do it. But now I need a nap.
Right! On we go! Thanks for checking back in after all this time. You would be justified in thinking that this blog should be called A Year of No Posts. So, let’s get traveling…



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