Isn’t it 5 o’clock somewhere??


Well, we have had stunner, my friends! We broke 1000 all-time views of this “little blog that could”! Thank you so much for visiting, for reading, for allowing me to share my stories.

We should celebrate, no? That usually means a drink (you must know this about me by now), but since it is early Monday morning that just feels like we would be on the verge of needing an intervention. Instead I am going to poach an egg, get the kidlets dressed, buy some shoes, and rely heavily on convenience foods for dinner. Man, that’s a buzzkill…let’s get back to where we were going to celebrate….

Thank you again. It’s 5 kinds of greatness traveling with you.


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  1. Sadly it isn’t 5pm here yet, otherwise the work day would be over and i could go home! But yay for reaching 1000, well done you! your writing is brilliant and i love reading your blogs! Put on your best ten-gallon hat and have a drink in Calgary next week to celebrate 🙂 xx

    • Thanks again, Corinna! Your dedication to my blog is a big part of the ‘1000’! You can bet your spurs that I am going to have a drink or two in Calgary! I’ll raise a glass to you xx

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