Something stinks in the fridge


Wowzer, I’ve been away from this (and you!) for a long time. It feels like when you return from a trip and find that the yoghurt you left in the fridge has gone feral, the mail piled up and got rained on, the house is stuffy, and your cat is being aloof (rather that than going feral like the yoghurt). We need to clean out the fridge, open the windows, do some laundry, and reintroduce ourselves. Y’know? Great, you deal with the cat…

So my disappearance from the blog was due to a lovely holiday in Canada where I did so many wonderful things it really deserves its own post. I was a tourist in my own hometown and that felt great. Have you done this? I took in all the sights and was reminded of how spectacular my native city is. Consequently I was perhaps overly gung-ho, exclaiming loudly and repeatedly, much to my family’s chagrin. It was just so…FANTASTIC.

  • I attended the Centenary of the Calgary Stampede. That’s big, people, HUGE. And there were cowboys everywhere which helps…a lot.
  • I ate amazing food: salted caramel ice cream, Chinese bbq pork buns, coconut crusted shrimp, bison ribs, corn on the cob, homebaking, mini cinnamon donuts…and I did not gain a pound. Amazing. Aaaaand potentially untrue; I don’t have a scale to confirm. Oh well.
  • I drove through the prairies in all their flat, expansive, yellow canola glory.
  • I went to the BEST Canada Day celebration I have ever witnessed AND I won the 50/50 draw! Can you believe it? Let’s just say, it paid for my holiday. Thankyouverymuch.
  • I reveled in the comfort, hilarity, support, and ease of being with family. Be thankful if that is something you have access to regularly.

I’ve been back for a few weeks now, but it took some time to convince my spirit that returning to reality in Rio was a good thing. I think I have it (mostly) convinced now.

So with life ticking along nicely, it is time to get this blog going again, too. I’m ready. Thanks for not forgetting about me! I’ll pay you back by posting gratuitous photos of those cowboys. You’re welcome.


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  1. indeed, great to have you back! I was just thinking the other day that i hadn’t heard from you in a while. so glad you had a great time (but also soooo jealous!) looking forward to blog updates…and of course photos of cowboys, yehaaa, yes please! šŸ™‚ xx

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