Friday Photos


Hello friends! I am in a post-travel fog at the moment. The symptoms are: falling asleep while reading a storybook to my children, being unable to finish sentences, and making ham sandwiches for the past 3 meals. I’m doing GREAT, though!!

Obviously, being in a fog is the best time to do a blog post, right? I thought I would ease back in by doing a photo post which some could call “lazy”, but I call “diversifying”.

Inspired by Patrick Latter’s blog post featuring his photos from the Calgary Zoo, I approached my recent visit to the zoo with a new outlook. I almost never take photos of the animals at zoos because, well, they look like photos of animals in enclosures. But Patrick’s stunning photos made me experiment a bit more to try and capture some shots that don’t look like they come from a zoo.

This is regrettably not a great photo of a grizzly bear, but I had to include it so you could see those claws. Butt-clenching stuff.

Hope you enjoy these! Have a great weekend. I’m going to spend mine getting myself de-fogged.



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  1. This made me think of the Friends sketch, where Rachel and Monica fogged Danny… but seriously, those photos are amazing!! Did you really take them? they didn’t come out of some prize-winning magazine or something? they are excellent!! x

    • Thank you so much, Corinna! You gave me such a boost with your comments. Yes, these were taken with my camera by me, which surprises me more than anyone. Thanks again, my friend πŸ™‚ You should really check out the Patrick Latter link to see how it should really be done….

    • Thanks, Diana, for stopping by to check out these photos! Not sure I would want to meet that bear in a dark alley, but…yes, very cool! Thanks again, my dear! πŸ™‚

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