Love, food, and other delights



*Here’s another snapshot from my trip to South Africa. You can read the first one here or see some photos from my trip here and here.

If you find yourself in Woodstock, Cape Town, which could happen if you are trendy so naturally gravitate towards incredible neighbourhoods (…or you got a bit lost), thank your lucky stars because you have an opportunity to step into The Kitchen. I could call it a restaurant/a bistro/an eatery, but really I need to call it a home where you will be welcomed with tenderness, a smile, and food that will knock your socks off.

I was fortunate enough to spend a morning at The Kitchen during which my faith in both humanity and croissants was restored.

Karen Dudley owns The Kitchen, and provides its heart and soul, while a group of lovely gals work seamlessly to help her prepare food, serve customers, and spread the love. We watched them prepare for the day: slicing perfect crescents of avocado and spreading a criminal amount of almond butter on top of croissants. Despite being busy they had time to be friendly, and most importantly, they had time to place a tiny, delectable morsel of brownie on a saucer for me. Kindness is all well and good, but baked goods really get my attention.

Breakfast was simple, but lovely. Crisp bacon. Creamy eggs. Heavenly croissants. Robust coffee. Lunch is the real star, though; choose from platters of diverse, vibrant salads or the famed “Love Sandwich”.

(I regrettably missed out on lunch which gives me a completely credible reason to book another air ticket back to Cape Town. 15 hours of travel is not too much for The Kitchen. Trust me.)

The shelves and countertops are a happy jumble of vintage crockery, biscuit tins, and ornaments. The tiny space feels homey and relaxed, like you just wandered over to your Grandmother’s house for a meal….only suddenly Granny knows how to make a mean cappuccino.

We sat and soaked up the atmosphere as we ate. Karen interrupted her own breakfast to spend time with us and sign copies of her cookbook for everyone. To talk to Karen is to feel her passion for food and life, to be swept along by her enthusiasm for South Africa and for nourishing its people. I was completely enchanted.

Go and eat, go and feel the love.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

Kitchen work Love Sandwich Collection

Karen Window seat

Go on, you know you want to – connect with Karen and The Kitchen on Facebook or Twitter.


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